Ep 189: The Proper Mindset to Success with Vinay Raman

In this episode, Elzie talks to Vinay Raman who is the CEO and founder of CAARMO. He helps businesses and employees unlock their hidden potential, opportunities to maximize, and risks to mitigate through a Performance Intelligence software tool. He has built decision making tools that help you more deeply understand your people and your company. 

The episode revolved around the proper mindset in being an entrepreneur. Elzie and Vinay talk about different topics from the virtual world, the new economy, having skills in sales and much  more. Tune in as you learn more about the entrepreneurial world and how it works. 

Episode Highlights:

02:25 There’s a lot of people who are still in the old leadership style and what that doesn’t do is it doesn’t give the team the space to evolve. 

03:04 People have been getting disengaged for a long time and now you can’t hide it anymore. 

04:11 I think people are starting to believe that they are geniuses in their own way. 

07:00 What I love about sales is because I can approach it from a place of wonder. 

10:00 What I do is to tell the stories of their employees and take the data and see what issues are arising. 

15:26 Stop thinking about IQ as being the indicator of your success. Start thinking about your curiosity being the indicator of your success. 


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